Breaking Knives
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Breaking Knives are specialist knives, having the expertise to break down larger quarters of meat and bones into smaller, easier-to-cook pieces. Breaking Knives are used to cut through the heaviest of bones. Breaking Knives have a very long, curved blade, ensures absolute precision in every cut. This 8-inch blade knife is one of the most popular Breaking Knives that have gained extensive for slicing and trimming meats of different types. When compared to a traditional butcher knife or Cimeter, Breaking Knives are preferred due to their lightweight and strong construction.

Victorinox 10" Breaking Knife
Victorinox Breaking Knife

Knifing Essentials: Why a Breaking Knife?

Feel more confident when taking upon meat and bone cutting operations with a Breaking Knife—it requires lesser effort and yields more cutting precision!

Blades of Breaking Knives are wider than other traditional knives. The wider blade adds extra weight and cutting prowess. When looking for a customized knifing option for slicing and trimming, a Breaking Knife is perhaps the best option. One can use these knives for skinning larger animals too. There is no fear of harming the blade when cutting through thicker meats or heavier bones.

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